Nubank launches credit cards in Colombia

LatamListNubank, the Brazilian neobank, launched its long-awaited credit cards in Colombia. The first 3,000 people on the waiting list are now receiving their cards.

The neobank is commencing its Beta stage in the country with the launch of its Nu card to 3,000 of the 250,000 neobank customers in the country.

“We selected the customers randomly because we want to avoid bias. These users will be helping us in co-creating the services we offer and to fine-tune Nu Colombia to a service that meets local needs,” said Catalina Bretón, Manager of Nu Colombia.

The Nu cards are personalized for each user depending on their spending needs. Unlike traditional credit cards, they do not come with an overspending fee. Customers will receive an email to request their card via the Nu app, which will then arrive by post.

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