Nuvini acquires LeadLovers

LatamListNuvini announced the acquisition of LeadLovers, a Brazilian marketing startup.

Nuvini is a group of SaaS companies that provide end-to-end cloud solutions for critical business needs. LeadLovers is a digital marketing platform that facilitates the virtual relationship between online sellers and customers to help boost sales. 

“With Nuvini, we will look to focus on improving certain aspects that will help us expand our business more strategically. Working with other companies in the group and the exchange of experiences will also provide us with synergy for this growth”, said Diego Carmona,  CVO & Co-Founder of LeadLovers.

LeadLovers currently has 13 million clients across 50 countries. Nuvini Group already made acquired two SaaS startups and intends to take this number to 14 by April. The company will focus on companies in Marketing and Sales, Productivity, and Finance.

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