Oxxo launches new smartphone in Mexico

LatamListOxxo is launching a new smartphone to help Mexicans connect to the internet. The phone will operate on KaiOS, with all the basic features of a smartphone.

Oxxo is the largest chain of convenience stores in Latin America. The shops provide services such as mobile top ups and cash bank payments with OxxoPay.

The smartphone will be available for purchase in 19,000 Oxxo shops across Mexico at a cost of $27.5 (MXN$599]. Users will be able to access Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, and many more apps with the new phone.

In Mexico, around 75% of citizens have a phone. With this new product, Oxxo aims to continue closing the digital gap and allow more people to access the internet.

“With the launch of this phone, Oxxo aims to continue to bring value to customers by offering products and services of high quality to meet their needs. This launch allows customers to be constantly connected with a device that has smart features, at an affordable price,” said Denisse Camacho, Commerce Manager at Oxxo.

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