PackID raises $196K to manage cargo in Brazil

LatamListPackID, a logistics startup, raised $196k (R$1M) with WeFund Ventures, to manage temperature-sensitive goods during delivery.

A major issue for retailers comes with the transport of certain goods, such as animal products or medicine. These goods need to be kept at a specific temperature during transport , else they will spoil. PackID provides a solution to this problem with a data intelligence platform for monitoring the temperature of goods.

“We work with sensors that can be placed within the cooling environment of products. Thus customers accompany everything in real-time, with specific reports and analysis that allow us to predict issues that could impact management,” explained Caroline Dallacorte, co-founder and CEO of PackID.

Customers can download an app where they can monitor the temperature of the cargo. By detecting variations in temperature and humidity, PackID ensures product quality and reducing financial loss for retailers.

In the complicated logistics industry of Brazil, there is a lot of scope for technology such as that of PackID. The startup aims to become integrated into the entire logistics chain, from packing to delivery and final sale.

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