Payroll solution platform Deel launches in Mexico

LatamListDeel, an international payroll solution, officially launched operations in Mexico, its first Latin American country. The launch follows a recent $156M Series C funding round.

Deel is an employee recruitment and management software for companies with remote workers. The platform offers payroll management and compliance to help companies build their team and take advantage of the global workforce.

The size, location, and strength of the Mexican ecosystem make it an important market opportunity for Deel. Already the startup has attracted client companies such as Kueski and Fondeadora, two Mexican fintechs.

The launch marks an important step for Deel as their first launch into the region. The startup also aims to launch into Colombia and Brazil soon.

“We are currently going through a period of global expansion. We believe that it should be possible for any company to hire employees regardless of their place in the world,” said Pepe Villatoro, Head of Growth at Deel.

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