PedidosYa launches online supermarket

LatamListPedidosYa, a food delivery app, launched a new online supermarket platform, Market PedidosYa. The site is exclusively for PedidosYa customers, with a delivery time of a mere 30 minutes.

“We are constantly developing new ways of doing business, and in the current situation we want to offer alternative methods of business that provide solutions for our customers,” explained Sebastián Genesio, Managing Director at PedidosYa.

The online platform displays an integrated stock corresponding to store products to ensure that customers order only what is available. A team of “personal shoppers” then complete the orders within five minutes of purchase. Orders are limited to 45 items.

With the new Market PedidosYa, those self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic have another resource to help them stay safe at home. Since its creation in 2009, PedidosYa has expanded its delivery services to pharmacies, drinks, pets, cafés, and restaurants. Including supermarkets in its delivery service is the next step.

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