Rappi launches new feature: Rappi Live Events

LatamListRappi, the delivery app, announced a new feature to its already multi-functional platform. Rappi Live Events will offer customers videogames, concerts, live shopping, and music.

Juan Sebastian Ruales, Global Business Manager at Rappi, explained that with the entrance into the entertainment sector, the company is looking to bring a new layer of transactionality to the consumption of live experiences. The business model includes a commission for creators who wish to participate, although the percentages have not yet been disclosed.

Rappi Games will offer 150 video games to players, and customers will be able to convert points won into discounts on the app. A beta version that has already launched attracted over 266,000 players per week.

The app will also offer live shopping via events on the app, such as the purchase of a sports drink during a CrossFit class. The promotion will appear as a banner for the user to access the product.

Rappi will now compete with Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music with its music streaming feature. Unlike other apps, Rappi’s streaming will also offer the listener buying opportunities, such as CDs and merchandise from the artist.

The aim is to create an all-inclusive shopping experience within live events hosted on the app. All the features are available within the original app.

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