Rappi launches Propio, a low-commission self-management tool for restaurants

LatamListRappi, the Colombian on-demand delivery startup, recently announced the launch of a new service in response to the impact that COVID-19 has had on the restaurant industry. The service is called Propio (which means ‘own’ in Spanish) and serves as a self-management tool for restaurants.

“During this time we’ve identified a need for restaurants to access digital solutions that will allow them to expand their business’ reach. […] Propio is, as the name suggests, a system that allows restaurants to have their own online sales channel backed by Rappi technology, which today is one of the most modern in the region,” said Iván Cadavid, Global Head of Business at Rappi.

Propio allows restaurants to manage their own ordering and sales systems online, while Rappi handles the delivery of products, which can be home delivery or in-store pickups. 

The service is set to launch in all of Rappi’s operating countries in Latin America and will offer the service at a rate of 3.5%– the lowest in the region for this type of service. However, for the remainder of 2020, Propio will offer a 0% commission on the ordering system of this new service.

“In addition to the direct sales system and receiving orders, [restaurants] will be able to access technology, logistics, marketing, and online payment services to grow their Propio (‘own’) channel. [Restaurants] will be able to individually contract the services that they truly need, by modules, to lower their costs,” said Simón Borrero, CEO and co-founder of Rappi in a LinkedIn post.

This announcement follows other new features from Rappi like its recent launch of Rappi Live Events.

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