Rapyd launches globally integrated payments service in Mexico

LatamListRapyd, a fintech-as-a-service company, launched its fully integrated local payments solution in Mexico. The platform will help connect small businesses to markets across the world.

Rapyd connects businesses and consumers across borders through a global payments network. The company brings over 900 payment methods to over 100 countries.

Mexico’s online shopping rate is growing by 30% annually, and e-commerce is even more important currently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with several major payments providers such as Banregio, RedEfectiva, and Cacao Paycard, Rapyd aims to help small, local businesses expand into other markets in Latin America.

“Our platform enables global businesses to accept every major local payment method through one, powerful and simple API integration, removing the complexities of fragmented payment infrastructures and allowing global companies to quickly service the growing Mexican market,” said Eric Rosenthal, Vice President and Managing Director for the Americas at Rapyd.

Services offered by Rapyd’s integrated payments platform include 24/7 bank transfer access, local issued credit and debit cards, and cardless ATM withdrawals at more than 150,000 locations.

“Mexico is one of Latin America’s high-growth markets. Our full-stack launch will contribute greatly to Mexico’s growing economy by helping local businesses digitize the acceptance of all payments methods in e-commerce marketplaces, digital platforms, gig economy, lending companies, neobanks, and others,” Rosenthal continued.

Read more in PRNewswire.

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