Recruitment platform ontop raises $4.5M in seed funding

LatamListontop, a Colombian recruitment platform, raised a $4.5M seed round led by Point72 Ventures. Founders Club, Clocktower Technology Ventures, Magma Partners, H2O Capital, SOMA Capital, and Supernode also participated in the round.

ontop is a recruitment platform designed to streamline contract creation and signing, compliance documents, and payments systems to help SMEs hire the best Latin American talent for their teams. The startup was founded in 2020 during the pandemic as international recruitment and remote work took off and raised a $1M funding round in December.

“We were born in the middle of the pandemic when remote work was exploding and evolving in ways where emerging countries become clusters of talent for developing markets,” said Santiago Aparicio, co-founder and CEO of ontop.

An estimated 42% of the workforce remains remote one year into the pandemic, and companies are increasingly hiring remote workers. Ontop has experienced huge growth since its launch and is close to reaching $1M in monthly revenue. 

“Ontop understands how to take advantage of gig workers globally, which is a massive trend, to allow U.S. or international companies to take advantage of the growing talent coming out of Latin America,” said Pete Casella, partner at Point72.

The new funding will enable Ontop to roll out new features such as payments and banking services, including multiple currencies. The startup also plans to launch a credit card to enable workers to save and spend directly without the need to wire local money from accounts.

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