Redpoint Ventures invests $1.07M in Brazilian healthtech Vittude

LatAm List Redpoint Ventures, a Brazilian venture capital firm, recently invested R$4.5M (US$1.07M) in an online Brazilian health network Vittude.

Vittude is a healthtech in Brazil that provides a platform through which clients can connect to psychologists online and in person. The online platform currently has 3,500 registered psychologists and over 20,000 users in 50 countries, which they hope to expand with the Redpoint Ventures investment.

Redpoint Ventures is an early stage venture capitalist in Brazil which focuses on investments in online platforms. Tatiana Pimenta, CEO of Vittude, commented,

 “The fact that Redpoint has chosen Vittude among other startups in the market is a testament to credibility. It is confirmation of a job well done, not only by our team, but also by our psychologists.”

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