Rever raised $3M Seed II round

LatamListRever, an innovation management startup, raised $3M as the second part of their seed-stage funding during the global pandemic. Ulu Ventures led the investment round, alongside previous investors Sequoia Capital and Zetta Venture Partners.

Rever is a digitized Continuous Improvement system for Global 2000 companies. The platform aims to empower frontline employees to navigate around the daily challenges they face at work. 

With the global pandemic, many businesses had to change their outlook and adapt to the changing situation. Rever also had to adapt its services in order to both protect customers and to help them continue to improve their services despite national lockdowns and restrictions. 

“Job number one was to make them extremely happy and help them solve their issues so that we wouldn’t lose them,” said Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever.

The startup brought in new employment recognition incentives and also considered how to work with benefit programs offered by regional governments. Rever’s adaptation of its services was crucial to convincing investors to continue to support the company.

Rever, a company that specializes in helping companies to realize their full potential by adapting their services, performed its own pivot in order to remain prominent in the market.

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