SouSmile raises $10M Series A

LatAm ListSouSmile, a Brazilian dental tech startup, raised a $10M Series A from Global Founders Capital, Kaszek Ventures, and Canary.

SouSmile is a dental company developing invisible aligners as a braces alternative. The company currently has five stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and seeks to expand the company with the most recent funding.

The startup uses state of the art technology to assess clients and to build their treatment program. The alignment braces are printed from a panoramic X-ray and 3D scan of the client, ensuring precision and accuracy in treatment.

SouSmile offers treatment at prices approximately 60% cheaper than similar treatments available on the market. Clients are also able to pay in installments making the treatment more accessible to many customers.

Smart aligner technology is currently only at 2% in Brazil, compared to 40% in the US, making Brazil a promising market for orthodontic startups like SouSmile.

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