Superfüds raises $3.3M Series A

LatamListSuperfüds, a Colombian health food store, raised a $3.3M Series A funding round led by Alere Advisors. The total funding for the startup now amounts to $5.1M.

Superfüds is the Whole Foods of Latin America, providing health food products to customers and retailers alike in a market where these products are more difficult to come by. The platform also aims to serve SMEs who are otherwise overlooked by traditional distributors.

“We have created a strong network and are now ready to integrate the shops as micro-centres for distribution to help fulfill the demands of our consumers in less than an hour, and continue to support SMEs in the country,” said Sebastián Hernández, CEO of Superfüds.

The COVID-19 pandemic made business difficult for Superfüds, and the platform rapidly adapted from a B2B to a B2C. The pivot tripled sales rates.

Superfüds is looking to consolidate its presence in the Colombian market and continue to provide rapid and efficient services.

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