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The tech startup Viva Translate announced $4M in funding and launched a new AI context-aware translation software.

Viva Translate is an artificial intelligence software for real-time translation of emails and other written communications from Spanish and English. The software operates as a Chrome browser extension for automatic and immediate translation.

The tool is aimed to help native Spanish speakers discover, secure, and work remote jobs in the US where employers are struggling to find labor. 

“Viva Translate addresses a huge market opportunity for US employers and the millions of skilled workers living outside the country. The job market is now global and with technology language doesn’t need to be a barrier to filling positions with qualified employees,” said Belinda Mo, co-founder and CEO. 

The talent shortage in 2021 reached 40 million workers worldwide and experts estimate it will double by 2030. Tech startup Viva Translate is addressing this situation giving millions of non-fluent English speakers access to the global job market.

The tech startup also announced a $4M seed funding round at the same time. Investors in the round include General Catalyst, Fellows Fund, Hyphen Capital, and various angel investors.

“We are excited about Viva’s ability to further open up the global economy,” said Quentin Clark, Director at General Catalyst.

Although initially focused on helping Spanish-speaking professionals in Latin America, the tech startup is now receiving interest from a wide range of prospective clients across multiple industries. Viva Translate already has 100,000 professionals on its waitlist ahead of launch.

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