Truora launches new platform to help authorities regulate quarantine

LatAm ListTruora, a Colombian fraud-prevention and identity background check platform, recently launched a new system of identity verification for employees of companies that are still required to work and travel during the COVID-19 quarantine.

In Colombia, only employees in the health, home services, food productions, personal security, and public order industries are allowed to travel and work outside of their homes.

In order to help authorities maintain the quarantine, Truora developed a platform where companies can record the names of their employees. The identity and occupation of employees can easily be checked via this platform by authorities, therefore ensuring that only those permitted are outside of their homes.

“This is a key moment for businesses, and we all have to think about how to use the situation in the best way. In Truora we have the opportunity to help the State and companies so that their employees can continue to operate while maintaining security,” said Daniel Bilbao, CEO of Truora.

Smaller companies of between 20 and 50 employees can complete their application for a circulation permit on the Truora website. Larger companies must send the following information in a CSV file format to [email protected]: full names of employees, type and number of identification document (including expiry date), PEP, date of birth, address, mobile phone number, company name and company NIT, start and end date of circulation permit.

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