Visa makes first Brazilian investment in fintech Conductor

LatAm List – Visa recently announced a small strategic investment into tech payments processor, Conductor, which has been operating in Brazil since 2014. This undisclosed investment was the first by Visa into a Brazilian startup and will be used to accelerate Conductor’s growth and innovation in payments.

Visa and Conductor have been partners for several years and will use this investment to develop better systems for mobile wallets, increase access to Visa APIs, expand push payments through Visa Direct, and improve digital payments for SMEs. Conductor has quadrupled in size since 2014 with support from Riverwood Capital.

Visa’s investments go beyond capital, helping startups join Visa’s global network and enhancing the customer experience on all sides.

“Through our investment in Conductor, we are reinforcing our commitment to significantly invest in attractive fintechs and key digital enablers from Latin America and the Caribbean, given the thriving community we are seeing throughout the region,” said Fernando Teles, country manager of Visa Brazil.

Read more in the original press release on LAVCA.

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