Vozy raises $800K to expand voice-communication services

LatamListVozy, a Colombian voice communication platform, raised a $800K funding round to continue expanding its customer support services. Investors included Ark Fund, 10X Capital Fund LLC, Magma Partners, SC Angeles, Wayra Telefónica, Andeo Capital, and various angel investors, including Alexander Torrenegra.

Vozy uses AI technology and text-to-speech technology (TTS) to provide an efficient and coherent virtual assistant, Lili, for customer service. The technology is the first in Latin America to recognize regional accents from across the region, ensuring smoother communication and greater client satisfaction.

Vozy provides services for medical practices, call centers, and many other institutions. During the global pandemic, interactions with Vozy’s AI have grown by 600% as online services have become an essential part of daily life and companies have looked for more efficient ways of managing client calls.

“We are in a period of growth due to the changes that many companies have undergone this year. There is an increasing demand for customer service technology based on AI, and solutions such as Vozy are gaining more and more value on the market for companies that are looking for greater efficiency in these areas,” said Humberto Pertuz, CEO of Vozy.

Vozy currently operates in five countries, including Mexico, Colombia, and the US. The recent investment will allow Vozy to continue expanding its presence in Latin America, and further develop the technology to recognize more regional accents.

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