Xiaomi will open 20 stores in Mexico in 2019

LatAm ListXiaomi,  a Chinese electronics company based in Beijing, looks to reach more cities and increase their potential clientbase in Mexico. The inauguration of their second authorized ‘Mi Store’ initiates the brand’s expansion across the country.

To speed up the process, Xiaomi celebrated its first encounter with its retail partners and signed a memorandum of understanding with more than 20 of Mexico’s leading retailers.

“Mexico is our entry point into Latin America and we will focus our marketing efforts here as we expand further into the region,” said Liu Di, Xiaomi’s Sales Director in Mexico and Latin America who clarifies that the locations of the next Xiaomi stores are still being planned.

Wang Xiang, Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President assures that the company is excited about the brand’s support across the region.

“The success of our first ‘Mi Store’ in Mexico was very encouraging for us, and prompted us to open up the second store as soon as possible. We’re thrilled with our growth this year and will continue to expand our presence in Mexico City and in the entire country. For Xiaomi Mexico, the best is yet to come”, said Xiang.
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