ZeroQ raises US$200K from Chile Ventures

LatAm ListZeroQ is a Chilean startup that helps reduce long lines at service centers like banks and notaries by allowing people to “take a number” online. Founded almost four years ago, ZeroQ works with some of Chile’s most congested service providers like Servipag, Colmena, and Autopista Central.

What likely drew Chile Ventures‘ attention was ZeroQ’s very rapid growth. The app is currently growing around 300% per year, which is uncommon for a startup that has been in the market so long. Chile Ventures invested US$200K into ZeroQ to help fund their expansion into Peru, Colombia, and Argentina, as well as to develop new technology.

“We are not line managers, we are line eliminators, because we want to destroy them. In this work, many companies have fallen behind us and we were able to open a new market,” said co-founder Ernesto Erdmann.

ZeroQ plans to develop new technologies to allow site managers to use the data from their online platform for better decision-making. They will also form a partnership with Microsoft as they expand into new markets.

Read more on LAVCA or Economía y Negocios.


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