An introduction to fintech with Sempli’s Esteban Velasco, Ep 20

Esteban Velasco Sempli

The working environment is undergoing a rapid and exhilarating change and you do not want to be left behind.

On How to be the Difference, we help you navigate in and around the intricacies of this new and exciting era, providing the latest career advice from leading industry experts. As the demand for tech-savvy professionals rapidly increases, “the world is your oyster…” has never rang truer, from remote teams and online working platforms to task automation.

If you are looking to begin your career, secure that promotion, find the right role to suit your family’s needs or identify better ways to attract and retain top talent for your company, look no further as we tackle the ever-evolving nature of the working environment, and its future.

Hosted by Talanta’s very own, our Co-founder and Head of Impact, Johanna Molina and Head of Experience, Paul Lynskey.

In this episode of How to be the Difference, Johanna and Paul invite Esteban Velasco to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. In addition to founding Velum Ventures, Esteban is CEO and co-founder of Sempli, a fintech company that focuses on improving the financial health and wellness of Colombian small businesses through its all-in-one finance digital bank.

Sempli has supported over 2000 small businesses in Colombia, lent over $55 million dollars, and created the first credit card for small business that isn’t backed by a traditional financial institution in Colombia. 

Esteban shares with Johanna and Paul the lessons he learned declaring bankruptcy during his first entrepreneurial experience, why he decided to work in venture capital, and some of the startup success stories he’s invested in. They also discuss his decision to become an entrepreneur again and the importance of education – in particular, financial education – for small businesses in Latin America.

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Outline of this episode:

  • [0:27] – Daylight savings in Ireland
  • [2:05] – Introducing Esteban Velaso
  • [3:26] – Coming from an entrepreneurial family
  • [10:54] – Lessons learned from bankruptcy
  • [16:40] – Credit cards for small businesses 
  • [21:00] – What is fintech?
  • [23:50] – Financial inclusion for women
  • [26:25] – The power of education 
  • [29:45] – Startup success stories
  • [32:18] – What gets you out of bed
  • [34:22] – What’s next for Esteban?
  • [36:25] – Sempli’s mission statement

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