Argentine e-commerce for agriculture, Agrofy, raises US$6M

Agrofy is an e-commerce site that allows companies and small agriculturalists to sell their products online and reach a wider market. They are currently the fastest growing e-commerce startup in Latin America, and will continue to grow quickly after raising a US$6M Series A round led by San Pablo Ventures.

The round was also backed by Cresud, the largest agriculture business in Latin America, and several Latin American angels with strong experience in the agricultural sector. In total, Agrofy has raised US$10M since it was founded in 2015.

Since 2015, Agrofy has grown to include 5,000 companies that have sold over 65,000 products through the platform. It helps sell everything from vehicles to fertilizer to produce, and now even marketing solutions. When combined with its agricultural news page, Agrofy News, Agrofy receives 1.4M visits per month.

Said Managing Partner of San Pablo Ventures, Francisco Jardim, in the original PulsoSocial article:

“This was the most successful round of financing for any Latin American AgTech company in 2017, no only because of its size, but also because of the enormous strategic value of these new investors. We are very excited to take part in this alternative platform for the agricultural market.”



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