Backstartup raises $1.2M for its SME back office

LatamListBackstartup, a corporate software platform, raised a $1.2M seed funding round led by Alaya Capital. Other investors included Life is Too Short Capital, LabCap, and 0B Capital among others.

Backstartup operates a corporate accounting management “back office” for SMEs run by digital ‘bots’. The platform integrates all aspects of accounts management; bank accounts, billing software, generation of payments, receipts, and more.

“When it comes to administration, SMEs are often left under-prepared due to the high costs and complications of the process. Backstartup provides an efficient and scalable online software with a team of professional accounts to help companies overcome these challenges,” said Juana Barco, CEO of Backstartup.

Behind the digital platform, certified accountants also work to calculate taxes, withholdings, generate financial statements, and verify compliance with tax obligations. By incorporating both technology and human intelligence, Backstartup ensures greater efficiency while providing a more personalized product.

The startup will use the funding to improve the efficiency of their automated platform and to build marketing for their launch into Chile. Backstartup aims to triple its monthly earnings this year.

Read more on Forbes.

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