Blink launches mobile ATM network for cash delivery

LatamList – Blink, a Bolivian fintech, is the first startup to provide delivery of cash through its mobile ATM network. The startup originally began as a branch of Ogilvy Bolivia.

Through the Blink app customers can withdraw cash from their bank account remotely, and a connected taxi driver then delivers the money to them. Taxi drivers connected to the Blink network carry a determined amount of cash in their car for the deliveries.

“With Blink, you no longer need to go to a cash machine – the cash machine comes to you. This simplification will save customers the costs of a transaction and time at the bank,” said  Henry Medina, founder and CEO of Blink.

The startup has spent the past 18 months focusing on customer experience to provide the best service possible for clients. Each transaction is authorized with codes generated by the app between the customer and the taxi driver’s money safe.

“Blink is not just a cash delivery app. This was the central idea, but now it has become something much greater – Blink has opened the door for anyone with a smartphone to have a mobile cash machine in their pocket,” continued Medina.

Blink has received some of the most prestigious innovation awards in the world for its technology. The startup also has Billy Seabrook, CCO of IBM, and Amanda Terry, ex-VP of Business Development at Twitter as mentors.

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