dLocal to provide cross-border payments service to Zara and Spotify

LatamListdLocal, a Uruguayan cross-border payments platform, announced that it will be partnering with Zara and Spotify to provide online operations in Latin America.

dLocal is a 360 payments platform specializing in cross-border payments in emerging markets. The platform uses a single integration, providing any merchant with access to all 19 of dLocal’s markets, including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

Working with dLocal, Zara will be able to accept local credit card payments in Paraguay and Uruguay. The system will process payments from MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, as well as other domestic cards.

“We are proud to have Zara as a customer, to provide their international shoppers with an easier and faster online checkout experience by offering them multiple local payment methods,” said Michel Golffed, VP of Growth at dLocal. 

Similarly, dLocal will enable the new payments methods for Spotify Premium in Latin America. The fintech’s software will reduce the frequent issues faced at checkout during cross-border bank transfers and payments.

In both cases, customers will have the option of paying their bills in monthly installments. It will also be possible to pay in cash through country-specific pay points, such as Rapipago in Argentina and Servipag in Chile, for Spotify.

“In Latin America, each country has its own distinct identity with consumers who participate in the economy in different ways […] This partnership underscores our commitment to helping the world’s biggest companies, like Spotify, realize the full potential these markets offer,” said Alejandro Esperanza, VP Head of Account Managers at dLocal.

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