Empathy & diversity: The future of work with Pepe Villatoro, Regional Head of Expansion at Deel, Ep 33.

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Shifting the entrepreneurial mindset towards empathy

In this episode of How to be the Difference, Johanna and Paul sit down with Pepe Villatoro, Regional Head of Expansion at Deel, a startup focused on payroll management for remote teams. 

Pepe Villatoro is one of those must-see figures in the Latin entrepreneurial ecosystem. In his long repertoire as a businessman, he stands out as being part of the co-founding team of Fuck Up Nights and being responsible for the expansion of WeWork across all Latin America, creating the fastest growing market in Mexico.

Today Villatoro adds another challenge to his extensive resume, leading the growth of Deel in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

In this episode of How to Be the Difference, Pepe Villatoro shares his wisdom on how the future of work will unfold and explains why diversity in companies represents opportunities for healthy culture clashes. He gives advice on which are the key skills professionals should learn as remote work is multiplying opportunities in every corner of the world. Pepe also gives us an insight into the origin of Fuck Up Nights, and why it represented a mindset shift for entrepreneurs that participate in the events.

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Outline of this episode:

  • [00:40] – Pepe’s background
  • [03:20] – About Deel and his role as Regional Head of Expansion
  • [07:31] – About the great global resignation
  • [11:35] – Remote work brought cultural diversity, why is it important?
  • [15:54] – The future of work and its impact according to Pepe
  • [18;30] – Important skills for the future of work
  • [23:03] – Ongoing changes in companies’ HR departments
  • [31:15] – The origin of Fuck Up Nights
  • [36:55] – How can companies create healthy remote teams?
  • [44:00] – What is next for Deel and for Pepe

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