Encouraging Development Through Feedback And Psychological Safety with Patrick Mork, Ep 51

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In this episode of How to be the Difference, Johanna and Paul have a conversation with Patrick Mork. Today, Patrick shares his insight on feedback and phychological safety.

Patrick Mork is a silicon valley veteran and 4x time chief marketing officer who led the team that launched the Google play brand in 2012. Today he works as a Purpose Driven Leader coach, specialized in startups, company culture and marketing. He uses powerful stories and Co-Active coaching to help senior executives and startup founders make profound changes in their organizations and their lives.

Patrick is the author of a new book on personal transformation called Step Back and LEAP. In it he uses powerful stories and practical exercises to help people make profound changes in their professional careers and their lives.

Patrick’s unique perspective stems from his experience as a consumer marketer at Pepsi-Cola along with over 18 years building brands and marketing campaigns for technology companies including Google, Glu mobile and various startups in Europe and Silicon Valley.

In his role as leadership coach and storyteller, Patrick has been a personal advisor to senior executives at Apple, Google, Facebook, and several well-known startups including Onavo (acquired by Facebook), Distimo (acquired by App Annie) and Lime (the giant of electric scooters).

Charismatic and Visionary, Patrick has given speeches at many international conferences and company events. He is an expert on topics related to managing change and transformation, the world of startups, marketing, creating and launching technology products and training and managing high performance teams. He has lived in 11 countries, speaks 4 languages and has worked in Europe, the USA and South America.

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