Fintech Lana launches in Latin America

LatamListLana, a Spanish fintech, is to launch its financial services platform in Latin America. 

Lana aims to provide bank accounts and financial services to underserved gig economy workers throughout Latin America. While this industry is rapidly growing, many employees in the sector are still without basic modern banking services.

Currently, employees that work for multiple different companies, such as Uber or Cabify while also delivering food for Rappi or iFood, will have a separate “wallet” for each app where they receive their pay. Lana aims to centralize this process by providing one digital account where employees can receive all their income. 

The startup is also launching a bill payment feature to make financial management easier for users. Furthermore, by creating one centralized account, Lana can provide an insight into an employee’s financial history, which may help them gain other opportunities in the industry, such as applying for other work or work-related loans.

Lana is working closely with companies such as Cabify to start launching into Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.

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