How to build a career in genomics ft. Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa, Ep 16

What career is right for me? I don’t know what to do with my life. What is the best way to find a job? How to be the Difference is a career advice podcast powered byThe Intern Group for students, graduates, and professionals of all ages, who are looking to fast-track their career or want to make a career change. 

In this series of conversations, leading industry experts address these questions, providing actionable insights on how to make a difference in your chosen career field and ultimately how to make your dream career a reality.

Hosted by Johanna Molina, Co-founder and Head of Accessibility and Paul Lynskey, Head of Experience for Europe and Africa at the Intern Group.

A driving force in genomics research and innovation

In this episode of How to be the Difference, Johanna and Paul sit down with Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa to talk about her extensive experience in research and innovation in the academic and private sectors. 

Catalina walks us through her career trajectory that spans over 20 years in seven different countries – from studying medicine in Medellin, Colombia to working for an international pioneer in the world of biobanking and genetics in Reykjavik, Iceland to now leading research efforts for COVID-19 in Canada.

Listen to this episode to learn about the fascinating ways in which genomics can be applied across different industries to propel innovation forward.

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Outline of this episode:

  • [0:28] – A popular name in Latin America
  • [2:00] – The next pandemic
  • [3:20] –  Introducing Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa
  • [4:55] – An interest in genomics
  • [12:35] – The importance of genetics
  • [15:45] – A career in genetics
  • [19:12] – Leading Canada’s COVID-19 Genomics Network
  • [21:53] – Lessons learned from the pandemic
  • [24:53] – Skills for success 
  • [29:38] – Outlook on the pandemic
  • [32:34] – On the anti-vaccine movement
  • [34:30] – Pandemic preparedness
  • [37:36] – The benefits of ancestry tests
  • [44:39] – How to be the difference
  • [46:40] – Advice for other women in science

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