How to Create a Healthy & Effective Remote Work Culture with Julián Torres, Co-founder of Ontop, Ep 39


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Helping companies worldwide build their remote teams

In this episode of How to be the Difference, Johanna and Paul sit down with Julian Torres, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Ontop. Julián created five other businesses before Ontop, including Fitpal, a company that offers a subscription for unlimited access to gyms and fitness centers. He is also a musician, singer, Forbes contributor, and on top of that, he wrote a couple of bestselling books. 

Ontop is an end-to-end solution for companies to hire and pay people around the world while complying with rules and regulations. The startup also also comprises a team of consultants that can help companies in legal, operational, and financial matters. According to Julian, Ontop wants to be the most trusted advisor in international hiring.

In this episode, Julián shares many useful tips and tricks to build remote teams. He explains that the traditional working paradigm has been replaced by a completely different one. Remote work consists of a bunch of people looking at screens communicating, collaborating, and making stuff happen. 

Listen to this episode to discover why Julian believes the future of work will be hybrid and to learn how to create a healthy and productive remote work culture. He also shares the lessons he learned by adopting habits to preserve his mental health.

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:45] – Introduction to Julián Torres
  • [04:50] – Ontop’s backstory
  • [10:30] – Ground rules to run a fully remote company
  • [14:40] – What is OKR?
  • [17:00] – Ontop as an advisor for international hiring
  • [19:05] – Habits to improve your mental health
  • [24:18] – The future of work, according to Julián
  • [27:20] – Fundamental skills for the future of work
  • [29:27] – About companies that don’t believe in hybrid work
  • [31:44] – What’s next for Julián

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