Interview with Billpocket on its deal with Kushki.  Pomelo extends its Series A round to $50M, Ep 108

This week’s Espresso covers updates from Billpocket, Rebill, Pomelo, and more!

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:28] – Kushki acquires Billpocket
  • [00:54] – Interview with Alejandro Guízar, CEO and founder of Billpocket
  • [04:25] – Argentina-based startup Rebill raises $3.6M
  • [05:01] – Pomelo extends its Series A to $50M
  • [05:30] – New hybrid startup studio and human capital agency RYZ Labs is launched
  • [05:51] – Interview with Jordan Metzner, founder of RYZ Labs 
  • [08:33] – Casai and Nomah announce a merger agreement
  • [09:06] – New episode of Crossing Borders with Juan José Leaño, founder of Parco
  • [09:30] – New episode of How to be the Difference with Jamie Turner

Resources & people mentioned:

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