LAVCA releases early numbers for 2018 VC investment in Latin America

LatAm List – The Latin American Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (LAVCA) frequently compiles and shares the most recent data on investment in Latin America to help startups and firms keep stock of the industry. Their most recent report, entitled “Unicorns and IPOs: Latin America’S Record Start to 2018,” reveals the increase in VC funding reaching Latin American startups over the course of this year.

Here are some key figures to note:

  • Startups in the first half of 2018 raised over US$780M over 145 deals
  • Investment in Mexican startups more than doubled from 2017 to 2018, growing from US$36M to US$75M
  • Latin America created 7 new unicorns in 2018, including Nubank, PagSeguro, 99, and Rappi
  • Fintech deals in 2018 were worth over US$337M
Source: LAVCA

This data validates recent reports on the unprecedented growth in VC investment in Latin America over the course of this year.


Read the full report on LAVCA’s website.

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