Mastercard Send allows Costa Ricans to make instant transfers

LatAm List – Mastercard clients in Costa Rica can now make instant transfers 24/7 between people, companies or governments using debit cards through their new platform Mastercard Send and Nudetect solutions. 

“It goes beyond a product, they are our solutions to enable instant payments. The main benefit we have is to carry these transfers anywhere with the presence of the brand,” said David Goldschmidt, vice president of Push Payments at MasterCard for Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Nudetect seeks to strengthen online security and detect fraud by continuously verifying its clients’ identities in real-time.

 “Beyond moving funds, we need the user to have confidence. Therefore, this artificial intelligence solution arises in which Costa Rica is at the forefront in the region,” said David Mora, Cybersecurity Product Manager for Mastercard Central America.

Read more on dataplor or La República.

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