Mercado Libre acquires Lagash

LatAm ListMercado Libre, a leader in e-Commerce in Latin America, announced the acquisition of the Argentine logistics technology startup Lagash.

Lagash is a logistics and digital services startup with operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay. The acquisition of Lagash by Mercardo Libre will enable the company to expand and develop the platform’s IT services and technology.

“Lagash is a strategic acquisition for Mercado Libre, considering the growing challenges faced in our company in terms of e-commerce business, fintech, and logistics services,” explained Daniel Gándara, IT Vice President at Mercado Libre.

With the acquisition of Lagash, Mercado Libre will add more than 350 professionals to the team of 3,400 designers and developers. Following the move, Mercardo Libre will open new development centers in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia, and also increase its IT Centre in Argentina.

Federico García, CEO of Lagash, also commented: “We are proud to become a part of the Mercado Libre team […] We are ready to start working on projects with Mercado Libre very soon.”

Mercado Libre seeks to remain the largest retail platform in Latin America with the continued expansion and development of its services.

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