Reconnecting with the Past to Revolutionize the Future with Brian York, Co-Founder and CEO of Cubbo, Ep. 36

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Serial entrepreneur with strong Colombian ties

Brian York left Colombia when he was two weeks old, was adopted by a US family and grew up south of Boston. However, Brian never forgot his Colombian heritage and always planned to travel back to meet his biological family who gave him up for adoption as a newborn. Nevertheless, with his entrepreneurial spirit, he ended up staying and co-founding his first LatAm company.

In today’s How to be the Difference episode, Johanna and Paul sit down with Brian, a serial entrepreneur & angel investor who built Liftit, the largest last-mile truck delivery platform in Latin America, and now CEO and cofounder of Cubbo, the fastest growing e-commerce fulfillment business in LatAm. Cubbo is a Latin American technology company that fulfills e-commerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands through the largest urban warehouse fulfillment network which allows them to do same-day fulfillment. 

In this episode of How to Be the Difference, Brian shares his amazing story, from growing up in the US and searching his biological family, to creating and testing several enterprises and exiting Liftit. But Brian keeps following his entrepreneurial heart, and now continues rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty in Cubbo’s warehouse. Brian is your go-to-person to get things done, with a nomadic spirit and a family guy.

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Outline of this episode:

  • [02:45] – Introducing Brian York
  • [04:15] – Brian’s background
  • [07:09] – On finding his biological family
  • [11:10] – Growing up in the US
  • [13:35] – How did LiftIt came to be
  • [18:26] – Raising for a LatAm startup
  • [20:25] – Starting Cubbo in the middle of the pandemic
  • [23:55] – Participating in Shark Tank
  • [26:04] – Fundraising in today’s market
  • [31:40] – Brian’s idea of the future of work
  • [37:50] – The skills for the future of work
  • [40:40] – What’s next for Brian

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