Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos: La Haus raises $35M Series B, Ep 30

For this week’s Espresso we invited Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, founder of La Haus, on the podcast for the second time around to talk about their recent round of funding. We also cover other updates from MadeiraMadeira, Contabilizei, Kriptos, and more!

Outline of this episode: 

  • [0:27] – First unicorn of the year
  • [0:48] – Contabilizei’s Series C
  • [1:15] – Kriptos’ Pre-Seres A
  • [1:41] – Angel Ventures Pacific Alliance Fund
  • [2:07] – Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, La Haus
  • [6:00] – Let’s Talk E-commerce

Resources & people mentioned:

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