Sanar raises $11M Series B led by Valor Capital and DNA Capital

LatAm ListSanar, a Brazilian healthtech education platform, raised an $11M Series B led by Valor Capital and DNA Capital, with contribution from e.bricks Ventures and Vox Capital.

Sanar has the largest online medical education platform in Brazil where it offers customized online training for careers in healthcare. The company currently operates in more than 5,000 cities across seven countries worldwide, including Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

“Sanar serves the medical professional at various stages of their careers, providing high-quality information and on multiple platforms,” commented Antoine Colaco, a partner at Valor Capital Group.

Sanar has built products for all stages of the medical career, such as SanarFlix for students and Sanar Medical Residency to aid those taking their residency exams. The platform uses its online communities to assess the demands of medical staff and develop its products accordingly, such as the recent SanarUp, which offers financing for those who need it during the current pandemic.

“Sanar is an example of an innovative company that is making a difference by expanding the frontiers of what is possible to be done in health,” said Luis Henrique Noronha, VC Director at DNA Capital.

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