The 3 Pillars To Building Trust As A Leader with David Mead, Ep 42

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Helping companies bring their purpose to life

In this episode of How to be the Difference, Johanna and Paul sit down with David Mead, a Keynote speaker that helps teams and organizations take the concepts of great leadership and put them into practice. In 2009 he joined the speaker and author Simon Sinek. For the next 10 years, David traveled the world and helped share Simon’s inspiring ideas through public speaking and workshops.

In 2019, David decided to go his own way. He continued to provide workshops and help companies find their purpose, but now he also focused on making that purpose a reality. Articulating a purpose is one thing, and implementing it is another. When organizations are vocal about their purpose but don’t act accordingly, people lose trust.

In this episode, David talks about why trust is the cornerstone of healthy organizational cultures. According to David, honesty, humility, and humanity are necessary to achieve trust within organizations. He also shares his perspective on how companies can face the challenge of building a culture for employees working remotely and talks about the future of work.

Outline of this episode:

  • [04:14] – David’s background
  • [08:40] – Lessons learned from helping companies find their purpose
  • [10:32] – How can companies implement their purpose?
  • [11:52] – How has David helped companies implement their purpose
  • [15:42] – How can companies create an environment of trust?
  • [21:39] – Common mistakes companies make
  • [23:23] – The future of work according to David
  • [24:26] – Practical examples
  • [28:23] – What’s next for David?

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