The competition for emerging talent is changing. Who will win? Ep. 37

The future of work is here! Are you ready for it?

As the working environment continues to evolve, many companies and professionals around the world are adapting, and better yet, leading the way.

Join our knowledgeable hosts, Johanna Molina, Talanta’s Co-founder and Head of Impact and Paul Lynskey, Talanta’s Head of Experience, as they delve into deep discussions with industry thought leaders from top companies around the globe, only on How to be the Difference.

Stay ahead of the curve with actionable insights that are reshaping the processes of talent acquisition, human capital management, remote and hybrid workforce development among others.

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Flexibility and empathy as the new working paradigm 

In this special episode, Johanna Molina leads a Webinar on How the Talent Competition is Changing with Tatiana Goldberg, Head of HR at Unilever Prestige, and Sergio Cadavid, Head of HR at Holcim. 

According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index 2022, 52% of Gen Z and Millennials are likely to consider changing employers this year. And according to Talanta’s research, most of the world’s leading companies have always focused their recruitment on the US and Europe, representing only 14% of the world’s population. This leaves the other 86% of the world’s top talent behind. 

Also, these years we’ve seen an exponential increase in resignations, huge salary inflations, a lack of top talent availability, and a massive transition into hybrid or remote workplaces.

In this episode, our guests share their insights on how companies can adapt to all of these fast-paced changes that the talent market is experiencing. Tatiana and Sergio talk about how their companies have adopted new strategies to attract and retain talent. They also discuss why we need to focus more than ever on being empathetic and human with co-workers, why we need to avoid transaction-based connections, why it is important to be intentional about including diversity in our workplaces, and much more.

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  • [01:45] – About Talanta
  • [02:33] – Introducing guests
  • [05:45] – Introducing today’s topic
  • [06:55] – Top challenges faced at Unilever
  • [08:36] – Top challenges faced at Holcim
  • [10:30] – What are the causes for this talent market transformation?
  • [18:33] – Solutions to talent retention for companies worldwide
  • [22:00] – Hybrid working at Unilever
  • [24:20] – Building a remote working culture for employees
  • [28:56] – Cross-border talent competition
  • [33:00] – Diversity and impact
  • [36:35] – How can companies adapt to this transformation?
  • [40:39] – A borderless world for talent, or a world without barriers for talent?
  • [41:50] – Business opportunities emerging from a growing remote talent market
  • [43:45] – Thoughts on soft skills for new talents


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