The fundamental role of influencer marketing in today’s advertising with Alessandra Angelini, Co-founder of Influur, Ep 30

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Hosted by Talanta’s very own, our Co-founder and Head of Impact, Johanna Molina and Head of Experience, Paul Lynskey.

A pioneering platform for the advertising industry in Latin America

In this episode of How to be the difference, Johanna and Paul sit down with Alessandra Angelini,  Co-Founder & CEO at Influur, a platform that connects influencers with companies. Influur is an app-based marketplace that directly creates jobs for influencers, creators, and brands around the world. The company’s goal is to offer a professional platform for people in the creative industry by building a network, helping influencers understand how to monetize their work, and helping brands understand how to use influencer marketing. 

Originally from Venezuela, Alessandra moved to the US with her siblings to study English, without knowing they would have to stay in that country for years to come, far away from family and friends. But Angelina and her siblings made the best out of those rough times by finishing their English studies and studying at university. 

Alessandra dreamt of working at CNN, and so she did after studying broadcast journalism. During her experience at CNN, she became closer to the startup tech world, and different work-related circumstances led Angelina and her now co-founders to find a business opportunity in influencer marketing.

In conversation with Johanna and Paul, Alessandra shares why influencer marketing is so important in today’s world, as social media is the main entertainment platform. She also explains what are the key skills and recommendations influencers and brands need to enter this world. Alessandra also describes how influencers have a similar influence on people today as political or religious figures do.

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Outline of this episode:

  • [02:25] – Introduction to the episode
  • [02:58] – Alessandra’s background
  • [08:00] – What is Influur? 
  • [10:55] – What is influencer marketing?
  • [12:55] – Can anybody be an influencer?
  • [14:00] – Connecting Influur to famous influencers
  • [16:24] – Lessons learned from building Influur
  • [17:20] – What makes good storytelling?
  • [19:23] – What’s next for Influur
  • [21:38] – Fundamental skills for influencers
  • [25:45] – Alessandra’s best advice
  • [28:33] – How to start being an influencer or using influencer marketing?

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