The Power of Communication and Journalism with Jose Caparroso, Ep 43

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The importance of soft skills in the future of work

In this episode of How to be the Difference, Johanna and Paul sit down with Jose Caparroso, Business Reporter & Cross-Platform Editor at Forbes LatAm. He was previously a reporter for Grupo Semana in Colombia, and CNN in Espanol in the US. Jose has profiled some of the biggest names in media and business including Reed Hastings, cofounder of Netflix, and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. He was also awarded with the Citi Journalistic Excellence Award in 2020, and the Ibero-American Economic Journalism Award in 2021.

Jose has had a short but powerful career. Starting from a young age participating  in radio shows, TV shows and newspapers, Jose didn’t hesitate to leave his first job in Colombia’s biggest newspaper to join CNN in the US as an intern. This opportunity not only accelerated his career in production and journalism but also gave him an international perspective

Back in Colombia, Jose detected that the news media coverage was concentrated on traditional companies from traditional industries, and there was a gap covering startup news. He started reporting news about tech and entrepreneurship, and began getting exclusive coverage and interviews with top CEOs.

In this episode, Jose shares his journey and how he is now in the front row witnessing the changes and technology disruptions in Latin America. He responds to questions on the future of media and journalism, and shares his perspective on tools and skills for the future of work.

Outline of this episode:

  • [03:19] – Welcome to the show Jose
  • [03:50] – How did you get started in journalism?
  • [05:58] – How big a step was it to move from Colombia to the US for CNN?
  • [08:34] – How the media has evolved in the last couple of decades?
  • [10:44] – Jose’s work in Forbes
  • [13:47] – How do you imagine the future of media and journalism?
  • [15:45] – What is the role of the media in influencing the talent development of the future?
  • [17:58] – What is your opinion on the future of work?
  • [20:35] – Who do you want to interview next and why?
  • [23:14] – How to avoid fake news?

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