Uber launches electric scooters in Brazil

LatAm ListUber recently launched its electric scooters, called Jump, in the city of Santos on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, as part of the pledge to offer multiple modes of transport through the Uber app.

In the past year, Uber has redesigned its platform to offer users different services, such as information on public transport, which launched in São Paulo in November. 

Users can now choose between requesting a trip, ordering from UberEats, and hiring an electric scooter, all through the Uber app.

“We are excited to bring Uber’s electric scooters to Brazil in Santos, a city which is always open to innovation and has an excellent transport infrastructure,” comments Ruddy Wang, Regional General Manager of Jump in Brazil.

The electric scooters enter the market at a competitive price of $1.50 to unlock a scooter and $0.75 more per minute of use. Users can book and use these scooters through the Uber app without creating another account or using a different platform.

“With this new service, we want to continue helping our users to travel without being dependent on their own car, and to also help reduce traffic and city pollution,” says Wang.

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