Jacobo Singer: dLocal becomes Uruguay’s first unicorn, Ep 15

In this week’s Espresso, we invited Jacobo Singer, COO at dLocal, to talk about the company’s most recent achievement: becoming Uruguay’s first unicorn. We also cover other news updates from Delivery Hero, Jefa, ReStudio, Wimet, and more!

Outline of this episode:

  • [0:26] – Jacobo Singer, dLocal
  • [5:31] – Mining industry: ReStudio
  • [5:57] – Rever round
  • [6:16] – Delivery Hero acquisition
  • [6:43] – Jefa
  • [7:20] – Wimet: Workspace in post-COVID era
  • [7:43] – Featured article of the week

Resources & people mentioned:

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