IDB LAB Study reveals women entrepreneurs in STEM fields in Latin America and the Caribbean are on the rise

LatAm ListWeXchange, an IDB LAB initiative that seeks to unleash the growth potential of women entrepreneurs in STEM fields in Latin America and the Caribbean, recently released a study in collaboration with Santander X

According to the study, the number of women co-founders has been increasing in the last five years, especially in traditionally male-dominant fields like fintech. 54% of women STEMpreneurs have successfully raised angel or venture capital, and almost 80% are planning on scaling their company in the next five years.

“Women founders are just as ambitious as men in their business growth,” said Susana García-Robles, Chief of Investment Unit and Gender Initiatives Coordinator at IDB Lab.

The study “wX Insights 2020: The Rise of Women STEMpreneurs” is based on survey data of 1,148 women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean, out of which 400 were identified as STEMpreneurs. The report also includes interviews with 17 venture capital investors who invest in women-led companies in the region.

Gain access to the full report and summary infographics in IDB’s press release.

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