How to be the Difference Holiday Special 2022, Ep 45

In this episode of How to be the Difference, hosts Johanna Molina and Paul Lynskey selected eight clips of the most interesting and exciting interviews that were presented this last season. In this special edition, we include the best insights from experts working in very different industries: from foreign affairs to venture capital, all the way to funding startups and working in the corporate world.

Stay ahead of the curve with actionable insights that are reshaping the processes of talent acquisition, human capital management, remote and hybrid workforce development among others.

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A selection of the best How to be the Difference podcast moments of 2022

As a first selection, we revisit the episode featuring Gina Gotthilf, the co-founder and COO at Latitud. This company  was created to solve the problems and remove the obstacles in the path of many brilliant entrepreneurs trying to change the reality of Latin America. In the clip, we learn howGina helped scale Duolingo from 3 to 200M users, starting with PR to get reporters to talk about Duolingo for free, while learning what messages appealed to them for those stories.

Our second clip comes from Jaime Bermudez, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Colombia and Ambassador of Colombia in Argentina. Jaime is now the President of the Lazard Investment Bank in Colombia but has spent most of his career working in communications, public affairs, and studying social behavior from different perspectives. He discusses the differences between working in the corporate world versus working in politics.

The third selected guest is Nathan Lustig, Managing Partner at Magma Partners. Founded in 2014, Magma is an early-stage venture capital fund based in Latin America. Nathan gives his opinion on the future of work and on what professionals should focus on to be part of it.

Next, we revisit the very exciting path of Lydia Kibandi, CEO at Lensational, a non-profit social enterprise that aims to elevate the voices of underrepresented women through photography. Lydia has earned recognition as a young leader in her country and globally through a nomination in Kenya’s Business Daily Top 40 under 40 women in leadership and her contribution in panels including New York Times Climate Hub at COP26. In this holiday special, Lydia talks about the connection between storytelling and photography.

In another very inspirational conversation, Johanna and Paul sit down with Brian York, a serial entrepreneur & angel investor who built Liftit, the largest last-mile truck delivery platform in Latin America, and now CEO and cofounder of Cubbo, the fastest growing e-commerce fulfillment business in LatAm. Brian shares his idea of the future of work and the skills needed to be ready for it.

Our next selection comes from a Webinar on How the Talent Competition is Changing with Tatiana Goldberg, Head of HR at Unilever Prestige, and Sergio Cadavid, Head of HR at Holcim.  In this clip, Tatiana and Sergio talk about solutions for talent retention for companies worldwide, hybrid working at Unilever, and how to build a remote work culture for employees.

Next, we revisit a clip from Julian Torres, serial entrepreneur and cofounder of Ontop. Julian has created five other businesses before Ontop, including Fitpal, a company that offers a subscription for unlimited access to gyms and fitness centers. He is also a musician, singer, Forbes contributor, and best-selling author. We talk again with Julian about the best habits to improve mental health and the future of work.

Last but not least, we revisit the episode featuring Stela Barcelos, Former Global HR Director in consumer goods multinationals Unilever and Diageo. Stela has over 20 years of experience in senior HR roles partnering with teams across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. In this episode, Stela shares how companies can attract the best talent, insights on the global talent acquisition and some advice to companies unwilling to implement remote work.

Outline of this episode:

  • [03:06 ] – Gina Gotthilf: Upscaling Duolingo
  • [09:06] – Jaime Bermudez: Working in the corporate world versus in politics
  • [11:36] – Nathan Lustig: The future of work? 
  • [18:05] – Lydia Kibandi: The connection between storytelling and photography
  • [26:41] – Brian York: The skills for the future of work
  • [36:21] – Tatiana Goldberg and Sergio Cadavid: Solutions to talent retention for companies worldwide
  • [47:07] – Julián Torres: Habits to improve mental health  
  • [56:59] – Stela Barcelos: Insights on the global talent acquisition and remote work

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